February 13, 2016

mini cheese and silverbeet frittatas

mini frittatas 150x150

These make a great finger food and are easier to handle than a big version. You could serve a few with some salad for lunch. I used silverbeet, cheese and chorizo in this incarnation, but you could use any greens or zucchini and omit the meat for a vegetarian version.  If you use metal muffin tins you'll need to grease them well. I used silicon … [Read more...]

spinach with potatoes


Loosely based on saag aloo, a quick side dish this uses two current staples - perpetual spinach and store-cupboard potatoes. Left over potatoes from a Sunday roast are even better, but we never seem to have any. I've also done this as a 'aloo gobi' with a spinach/cauliflower combo - steamed cauliflower florets replacing the potato. We serve it with … [Read more...]

silverbeet, feta and pine nut triangles


I don't bother layering the filo pastry with melted butter - just paint some olive oil on the top with a pastry brush before baking. If you find your pastry has got too crumbly to make parcels (which can happen when you've defrosted it), you can make these in muffin tins - use the scraps to line the tin and top with a few more pieces of pastry. … [Read more...]